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Developer based in Cleveland, OH
specializing in fast, beautiful websites & much more...

Here are just a few things I have been working on


Donut Clicker Game

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Adds donuts with auto clickers
  • Adds multipliers to add more donuts
  • Jasmine testing framework

Donut Clicker


Contact Keeper

  • MERN App with Context API
  • Each Login stores different Contacts
  • JWT for Authentication
  • Validation in HTML and Server Side

Contact Keeper

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Typing Challenge

  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • 3 Difficulty Settings
  • Keeps score and increments time
  • Try it! It's fun!

Typing Challenge


About Sam Blaha

I solve problems and make things look good

Software Development became a passion of mine in 2015, while working full time in Enterprise IT. I have been in the IT field for nearly a decade, working for two major corporations, as a Windows Systems Administrator and in Desktop Support. As much as I love tech and the whole hardware side of things, I found my real passion in software and creating it. To me, development is the pinnacle of IT. I view development through a dual lens: 50% left side of my brain and 50% right side. In essence, I get to tap into my logical side and creative side simultaneously. I have studied numerous programming languages and concepts over the years, as well as building various projects. However, it wasn't until I honed in on JavaScript that my passion fully came to life.

JavaScript & React

This is my primary skill set at the moment. I do deep dives on JavaScript and I really know the language inside and out. With this, React is also something I specialize in. It is my favorite framework and it really makes coding complex sites cleaner. I have advanced knowledge in HTML and CSS/Sass as well. I tend to not use CSS frameworks because they can be a bit too intrusive to my designs. I learned to code because I want full control of all the aspects.

  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • React & Gatsby
  • Node.js & Express

C# & .NET Core

After teaching myself JavaScript and React, I joined WeCanCodeIT to learn C# and the .NET Framework. Joining the school was a great experience and I am now very comfortable using C#. Having experience with MySql and MongoDB (NoSQL), it was great to become more familiar with SQL Server and the Entity Framework Microsoft uses. Using .NET Core, I worked with ASP.NET extensively to build web applications. ASP.NET uses OOP and MVC design patterns, which can be very helpful for separation of concerns when building larger websites.

  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET & Entity Framework
  • SQL Server

React Native

Mobile development is so much fun! The only form of mobile development I utilize is React Native. While Swift(iOS) & Java(Android) are great options, native development is becoming outdated. React Native can handle both platforms and performs very well. Build it for one platform and just port it over to the next one, no need to rewrite the whole app in a different language. Having the skills I do in React, I was able to pick up React Native pretty easily. I do all mobile development via the Expo app.

  • React Native
  • Expo
  • iOS & Android

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me. I'm currently hireable and looking for new opportunities.

Email: blahasam@gmail.com